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Jan 11, 2010 at 04:55 PM

Performance problem in RFC to JDBC interface


Hello everybody!

i'm working whit SAP PI 7.1

We defined some interfaces RFC - PI - JDBC (SQL server) but we have some performance problem.

If we have many row to write on the table then interface finish in timeout :

Synchronous timeout exceeded.

Returning to application. Exception: Message 1d1f00b0-fecf-11de-8738-0015600446f0(OUTBOUND) expired.

I read the PI tuning document and i tried to apply configuration whit Advanced Adapter Engine but whitout result.

Now we want change the timeout in visual admin and maybe we solve the error but i'm asking myself....:

It's normal that for write 1500 row in a table we need more than 4 minuts????

It's possible accelerate this process??? After go live we will write messages whit more than 50.000 row.

somebody may help me?

PS: please no link to tuning guide or to notes (to increase the timeout parameter).