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Nov 24, 2016 at 11:08 AM

LiveOffice: Internal server error RWS 00070 message when inserting a WebI report into Word or Excel

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Hello Everyone,

I've been working on upgrade of our SAP BO BI platform from 4.1 SP05 to 4.2 SP03 version. I experienced only minor problems during tests of WebI reports, but it came out that I can't use the key functionality of LiveOffice add-in. On inserting a WebI report into a spreadsheet I'm getting message: Internal server error (RWS 00070). I've done several test already, it seems that problem is independent of:

1. user's priviledges (tested on Administrator and other users)

2. MS Office version (2010, 2013)

3. universe (tested on several UNV, eFashion)

Moreover, I can create a query in LiveOffice and refresh it, then save to and open from the repository. In a way symptoms are very similar to those described in SAP Note 2340364 but we don't use special characters in logins and even installation of Patch 1 didn't help.

I've been using only Enterprise authentication.

As I wrote, we've been using 4.1 SP05 and haven't faced such a problem. We've never had to do any configuration for RESTful WS, is it necessary now? Could anyone help?

Best regards,