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Nov 24, 2016 at 10:54 AM

Meaning of text ID PO with code F27, F29 at header and F14,F15,F16, F17 at item level


Hi guys,

please almost a curiosity but I can not retrieve the meaning of the following PO text ID

F14 IC P.P. Item text
F15 IC P.P. Item Packaging text
F16 IC S.P. Item text
F17 IC S.P. Item Packaging text

F27 IC P.P. Header text
F29 IC S.P. Header text

What is it the meaning of 'IC.P.P.' and IC.S.P.'?I have entered in the table

TTXIT but no a longer text exists....I have enter in a PO in DE Language but these texts disappears...How can I understand the extend meaning of those IC.P.P. and IC.SP.?

Thanks in advance