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Nov 21, 2018 at 11:35 AM

Profit Center derivation from real/statistical CO objects


Hello experts,

For historical reason, we are using Profit Center master data at our purchase process.
We are not using PCA (Account-based profitability analysis is not active in the controlling area).

We want to implement new process that will use PR / PO with Cost Center (statistical CO object) and Internal Order (real CO object). The Internal Order is a new object to our system.

We want that the profit center derivation will stay as it was before which mean derived from the cost center and not as standard behaviour from the real co objects IO.

Steps we already did:

  1. Try to use CO substitution at line Item that set the profit center from the cost center profit center. This did not affect the stand behaviour as the profit center was derived from the real object at FORM SUBST_FROM_REAL_OBJECT which occur after the CO substitution.
  2. Try to implement Note 539421. This wasn't helpful as well.

We are looking for a solution that will keep the profit center that was entered by the user at PR / PO and disable the PA derivation from cost center / internal order (as we are not using PCA in our system).


Amit Blumshtein