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Nov 21, 2018 at 09:26 AM

How to limit budget check on the WBS level 2


Hi All,

We have a client requirement where on the projects, funding is first checked at Level 2 WBS element. If there is no funding released there, SAP then goes up one level to check for funding at the Level 1 WBS element. However, at level 1 WBS we have AVOF(User status- Availability control off) hard coded (this is a requirement from client to projects to work). So, the funding check gets bypassed, and PREQs and POs get released which have no(zero budget) funding available. This scenario is happening for next year where ZERO BUDGET is available

New requirement:

A method needs to be developed, which will check whether there is funding available at the level 2 capital WBS elements of projects. If there is insufficient funding at Level 2 to cover the value of the PREQ/PO line, the creation of the PREQ/PO cannot be allowed.

Could some one help us how this can be controlled.

thanks in advance.