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Nov 21, 2018 at 09:01 AM

Restrict contact from replicating from C4C to ERP


Hello all

We have a requirement to enable business partner replication bi-directional between C4C and ERP with the contact master data kept distinct.

From ERP to C4C we have achieved it by suppressing the mapping and setting the @contactPersonListCompleteTransmissionIndicator to false in the iflow.

We are now struggling to find a similar way out for the C4C to ERP scenario. Since the @contactPersonListCompleteTransmissionIndicator is only an indicator and not mapped to any field on the ERP side. And also because there doesn’t seem to be a field like that on the ERP side, we made a shot in the dark by simple removing the mapping for contact persons and un-deploying the BusinessPartnerContactAddressReplication from C4C to ERP. Result: change on account in C4C is saved, it does not carry any contact information into ERP, so far so good, but as a side effect all existing contacts in ERP are deleted.

Can you suggest anyway to handle this requirement: simply keep ERP and C4C Contact masater data mutually exclusive.

I have reviewed the KBA:

and the blog ERP to C4C Integration Checklist for Customer Projects

both of which touch the ERP to C4C scenario but not the other way around.

Appreciate your inputs.

Dedeepya Reddy Manideep Satya Shivanand Hangaragi Sikander Narula