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Jan 08, 2010 at 03:22 PM

Few Questions


We are currently running Version 6.70.190 SP:00 PL:31

1. When I go to write a PO I open Modules / Purchasing AP / Purchase Order to open the form and go to the Item tab. The columns that I need (Item Description, Item No. etc.) are too small to type in. They are only 1/2 -3/4 inch wide. While columns that I don't need (Project Code, Sales Order Number etc..) are about 3 inches wide. Each time I open the software I have to make adjustments and they do not save for the next time. I tried Tools / Form Settings and Tools / User-defined Fields / Manage User Fields and it does not save there also. How do I set the columns that I need in the width that I need with out having to set them each time I open the software?

2. Is there any way to get the font or row height larger? I am getting old and the eyes can't focus that small.

3. The previous buyer that is no longer with the company is set as the default buyer. How can I set my name to be the default buyer?

4. Is there a way to set a default Acknowledger?

5. Is there a way to search old and open POs by part number or supplier?

6. When switching fields, sometimes I accidentally hit "enter" and it saves the PO. before I have finished. I can not go back and add the Acknowledger with out canceling the whole thing and starting over. Or if I don't start over, the PO. can then be created and printed with out being approved by the Acknowledger. It does not say "draft" on it. This defeats the reason a PO has to be approved.

7. After a PO has been approved I have to: click on the small arrow in the "Messsage/Alert windoe - press "add" then - press the back arrow to see it again - then press the printer icon - then press print on the printer window - then close the PO window. And then go through the whole process for each PO. Is there a way to directly print it without the 5 step process?

8. When receiving items Modules / Purchasing AP / Goods Receipt PO, when I find the PO and then click "Choose" It goes through a series of conformation windows. "Draw Document Wizard", system message "Row exchange rate has been updated" each time. Is there a way to stop these?

I must say that this is the most annoying, user un-friendly software that I have ever used. I am hoping that it is just because I don't know the easier ways and you can help me out.



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