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Nov 20, 2018 at 03:20 PM

BADI; Multiple Filters and implementation


Hi All,

I have a scenario where i need to create a BADI definition which has Multiple Filters ( Filter dependent BADI).

For example, i have created BADI definition with two filters

1) Consuming_application ( values could be AR, PR CR )

2) Mode ( values could be D , U )

Now, the application teams have implemented the BADI with their respective values for the filters.



I am using GET BADI LR



MODE = 'D'

to get the reference of BADI implementation.

I want to get the BADI implementation to be called only when the application implements the BADI with both filters.

1) Even if the application implements a BADI with only one filter value i.e. Consuming application as 'AR' or Mode = 'D' , the BADI implementation is getting called.

Now, i do not want this to happen.

I want the implementation to get called only if both the filter values match with the one that the application has implemented.

I highly appreciate your valuable suggestions.

Many thanks in advance.