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Nov 20, 2018 at 12:01 PM

Flat file to inbound idoc, diferent partners


Hi all,

I have an issue and I don´t know how to solve it...

We have a customer that sends idocs to us in a flat text format. The files are uploaded to an al11 folder, and should be processed by our SAP system...We are trying to use the RSEINB00 report.

Multiple issues here:

The SAP system of our customer creates the idocs, (that are going to be sent to us in flat text format) in a different client than ours. This generates an error in the report.

Also, the control record of the idoc sent does not have the correct partner number in the sender information. As far as I know, partners of type KU must have the customer number as its name, so we cannot change it.

Is there any way to map the values the customer sends to us to the ones that we need?