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Jan 08, 2010 at 08:05 AM

LTP (Long Term Planning)


Hi Experts,

Can you please help me with the below mentioned issue.........

we found out strange behaviour in LTP calculations for the items which are part of subcontracting and have vendor specific MRP Area.

For example for a material X in plant 1200 is used in Semifinished which is subcontracted. In LTP calculation (MS01) seems that the planned purchasing amount for this material is multiplied by the times of LTP runs.

To Be more precise, you can demonstrate the issue by executing MS02 transaction for this material in MRP area 1200_ACB_C.

For some reason resulting purchasing proposals are visible in plan MRP area 1200, which can be viewed in MS04. However, each time I execute the planning for 1200_ACB_C MRP area, the amount in 1200 area is multiplied.

To clear the item in 1200 MRP area, executing MS02 will delete all purchasing proposals (since in 1200 MRP area, there is no requirements).

Is there something we need to take in account calculation settings or is this a system error?

The requirement is as mentioned below:

If there is requirement in mrp_area which is dedicated to vendor stock (1200_ACB_C), LTP will create purchasing requisitions to plant mrp_area 1200 without checking if existing requisitions in plant mrp_area is covering the demand from vendor dedicated mrp_area.

This will cause the requistions being multiplied by times of LTP calculations.

How I would like to see this is either:

- LTP calculation considers demand and requisitions over the MRP_areas and resulting is on plant MRP area (preferable solution)

Can you please help.

Thanks a lot in advance