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File Upload in Web Dynpro ABAP not using File Upload UI element

Hi all ,

I have searching for a way to upload a file using the file open dialog ( or even by manually specifying the path/file name) without using the file upload UI Element in ABAP web Dynpro . The File Upload UI element works for smaller files however with large file sizes 64 MB , the system seems to be running of memory (SYSTEM_NO_ROLL) . This is due to a known fact that the UI element makes a duplicate copy of the whole copy while it does the upload.

I have been looking at the ACFUPDOWNLOAD as a way to solve this problem but cannot seem to figure out how it works , even the sample program provided by SAP does not work. I am working with a regular abap server and not kpro( knowledge mananagement provider) or portal .

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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2 Answers

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    Jan 11, 2010 at 02:12 PM

    If you are on NetWeaver 7.01, you can try both the ACFUpDownload UI element or try creating your own FileUpload in Adobe Flex with Flash Islands. ACFUpDownload requires the KPRO by default (which is why the same application isn't working for you), but you can write your own handler class to act as the KPRO receiver. Here is an eLearning on the topic:

    and source code:

    If you want an eLearning on the FlashIslands approach, you can find it here as well:

    and Source Code:

    However in both of these approaches you still have to be careful with how you handle large files. The problem is that they are processed often a single binary string. This makes the processing easy, but requires total amount of session memory at least as large as the file being uploaded. In NetWeaver 7.02 ABAP adds the concept of Streams and Locators to help with the partial processing of large files. This feature doesn't come until later this year, but if you are interested you can learn about it here:

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    • Hi Thomas,

      Just a simple question. Is it possible or advisable to develop a web dynpro application using ACFUpDownload UI for use by external users like vendors who are outside of the client organization. The reason I am asking is because of the requirement to have a security whitelist set up which specifies the directories to be used for uploads and downloads. Also I understand that Java must be installed on the machine where the application will be executed from

      NB: I speak under correction

      Thank you

  • Jan 22, 2010 at 07:10 PM

    Thanks for the information will try it out . best wishes .

    Ali Mohammed

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