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Hi Everyone,

Excuse my lack of knowledge regarding EH&S area in SAP but i have had a request from the business to look at the possibility

of using SAP to store MSDS information, Is this heavy on configuration and would you need consultation from an external expert or can this be picked up internally, I have knowledge of PM,PP.

Hope you can help me.

Kind Regards


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2 Answers

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    Posted on Jan 07, 2010 at 04:00 PM


    There are quite a number aspects of handling MSDS in SAP - 1) Creation of MSDS inside EH&S and 2) Storing already created MSDS in SAP 3) Creation & Storing and mailing the created reports to customers or 4) Creation and uploading the content in web for customers to access and download.

    What exactly is the client requirement ? Do they already have EH&S licence in place ? what is the value proposition of EH&S in the existing landscape ? If it is just storing of MSDS ? or creation of MSDS ? You need to check all these before making any valid judgement.



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    • Hello

      I totally agree to what Jayakumar explained. I would like to add some further addons.

      From the standard SAP perspective the main processes in SAP are driven by e.g. using modules MM, SD, PP. EH&S is integrated with these modules. In all of these modules the leading object is a material number. To handle a MSDS in EH&S a minimum set of configuration is required. There is a link between material and specification needed to handle a MSDS in EH&S. Normally some identifiers are required to describe a little bit the specifications. You need to prepare document menagement system to handle the MSDS and further EH&S customizing is required. As a "profit" (depending on the SAP Release you aer using) a number of further EH&S functionalities are available which could be of interest. (which need not to be configured but they are still there)

      a.) your company could use the EH&S DG submodule (dangerous goods management) to make sure that the transport of the chemistry is allowed by air etc.

      b.) you can handle e.g. the REACH issue in europe to handle the necessray regulation to make sure you import/export only such a material which is allowed to do so

      etc. etc.

      Actually EH&S does have these primary submodules:

      Name of Module Titel in SAP Help

      Basic Data and Tools (EHS-BD)

      Product Safety (EHS-SAF) (this moduel does have a number of furthersubmodules e.g. GLM (Global Label Management) etc.)

      Hazardous Substance Management (EHS-HSM)

      Dangerous Goods Management (EHS-DGP)

      Waste Management (EHS-WA)

      Occupational Health (EHS-HEA)

      Industrial Hygiene and Safety (EHS-IHS)

      Take a look to get an "overview".

      With best regards


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    Posted on Jan 11, 2010 at 06:25 AM

    Hello Frankie,

    As already explained by Jayakumar, and I am emphasizing herein again that first you need to come up with the value proposition of your requirement. The EH&S functionalities requires separate license, and there are so many other functionalities apart from MSDS handling as explained by Christoph. Investment for MSDS handling through SAP is worthwhile only in case you wish to leverage on your existing SAP investments and business involves either multi-location facilities and/or huge no. of chemicals to be dealt with.

    Configurations and effort estimation should come later to your mind for decision-making.



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    • Former Member Frankie Summerbell

      Hello Frankie,

      I too felt that DMS could have been the best solution for your problem. Let me just add to what Jaya said (in case you are not aware) that you can also maintain "Object Linking" for materials in your MSDS documents. That will finally ensure 1:1 linking of MSDS for respective material and would enable you to navigate both ways.

      If your problem is solved, please close the thread.