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Nov 19, 2018 at 08:23 PM

One work center multiple materials require different factory calendars


The situation is simple vs. complex materials. In some weeks, the work center is not staffed adequately to process the complex materials, on a known schedule, in other weeks, it is staffed to run either. I would like to have 2 factory calendars, controlled at the material or routing level, such that the single work center can run either only the simple products, or both simple and complex products depending on the corresponding calendar for the material being scheduled. It must be the same work center as the capacity is shared for all products, we are just trying to limit which weeks the complex products are scheduled. The ultimate solution for me would be to allow maintenance of the PLPO-KALID field, and to have the scheduling routines use the factory calendar of the first operation of the routing in setting/moving the basic dates, rather than the plant or work center factory calendar. Any insights would be appreciated.