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Jan 07, 2010 at 08:21 AM

Create Routing Groups using BAPI_ROUTING_CREATE Limitation?


Hi all,

I am doing a conversion for the routing groups for PP. The routing groups include sequence, operation number, material assigned and component allocation.

In this project, the BOM size of the material is super huge, thus to ease the conversion. I have used Function module to download the BOM structure and then allow user to maintain manually the operation and sequence. After that I will use BAPI BAPI_ROUTING_CREATE to do the conversion.

And I manage to get all operation, sequences, material assigned and component allocated. However, I face a problem as the BOM size keep increasing and same material BOM might be assigned to different header BOM at the same time. Thus, key field such as level and path is important for the input.

Note: Please check the order path in CA03, the technical name is STPOB-WEGXX1 with attribute type DEC length 4.

In my case, the Order Path is more than 99... around few hundreds.... But the issue is the order path field used in the BAPI_ROUTING_CREATE: BAPI1012_COM_C-ORDER_PATH is only has attribute type NUMC length 2.

Either I get a short dump by passing in the order path, or I might miss out the some component allocation using the BAPI. Anyone faces this before? Please advise.


Best regards,