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Nov 18, 2018 at 08:51 AM

List of Fiori Catalogs & Groups assigned to each role


Carola Steinmaier Jocelyn Dart Stanislava Baltova

Your blogs have helped me set the right design in Fiori Groups & Catalog Configuration, now its time to test and take it forward as we are in UAT. As we have almost 600+ standard apps and 800+ GUI Transactions its tough to maintain the UI Configuration as we have number of team members configuring this. How best can we keep track of UI configuration is my challenge.

1. AGR_TCODES table Provides the link between the Role to Transactions do we have a table where we can look up the PFCG Role to Catalogs & Groups assignment ?

3.Similarly is there a table where we can find he list of apps assigned to a Catalog ?

4.List of Apps mapped to Group and from which Catalog ?

5. Some of the Apps when added to a catalog and then to a PFCG role do require additional services that are not pulled automatically and we have to manually add them. My question is there a place we can update this service so that this kind of issues does not repeat. Its like SU24 functionality, If a new auth obj is required you activate in SU24 and adjust all the roles with that respective TCODE. (Is this manifest.json file ?)