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No DataSource 0EC_PCA_1 available

Nov 24, 2016 at 08:44 AM


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Dear community,

I'm currently facing the issue, that I want to implement the whole SAP Hana optimized BI-Content for mock-up purposes.

Starting with the ECPCA-Scenario I successfully transported the whole dataflow layer-by-layer.

Current Problem is:

a) I cannot find the DataSources which suit to the InfoSources (0EC_PCA_1 , 3, 4 etc.)

b) In the BI Content I can't find those, too.

May it be, that I deleted them accidently in BW? In this case, why is this affecting the BI-Content as well? (I manually 'resetted' the scenario and implemented it freshly)

May it be, that they have to be created during ERP customizing? I read something about this Profti-Center Analysis scenario. The matching of DS to IS depends on the customizing and therefore has no 'standard' BI-Content.

Why is there no InfoObjectCatalog or something filled in the structural components? Almost everything got transported in the nodes not connected area.

(I'm not that fresh in SAP BW but new to practical work)

Thanks for giving me hints/advice.

Kind Regards,


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In case of the (permanent) deletion: What steps are required to set up/recover the BI Content/ DataSources again?

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Frédéric Cincet Nov 24, 2016 at 01:30 PM

DataSources are managed on the system source side. Check if it exists on your ECC (RSA6), if not, activate it from the RSA5 and then replicate the dataSources on the BW side.



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Thank you. I found the DataSources in RSA5. They are not active in source system yet.

Are there any problems (for other users) when activating them now? We are currently in a big ERP Rollout and the source systems might not be complete customized yet.

Frédéric Cincet Nov 28, 2016 at 10:34 AM

No, there should be no impact on the ECC developments.

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