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Nov 20, 2018 at 03:24 PM

Planning: Change version for input tasks automatically


Hi everyone,

while creating a story in the SAC for planning for data entry by members of my organization, I usually use a public version to see, how my data is displayed and whether I filter the right values.

When I'm done, I have to create a private version in order to assign input tasks to the responsible persons. When creating the input task, I would expect SAC to change the version in all tables and charts to the private version automatically, so the story is ready for data entry. Example: My public version is "Budget_Master", I create the version "Budget_Data_Round1" both with the category "Budget". All elements, where "Budget_Master" is used, are now changed to "Budget_Data_Round1" for my input task.

Is it right, I have to change all tables and charts manually for this purpose (so for each input task assignment individually)? In complex stories, this can really be a lot of work. If so, I would write an improvement request and hope, you all vote ;)

But maybe someone knows I way, I haven't discovered so far.

Many thanks and best regards,


PS: This is my forth question in this community - so far I received 0 answers... hope I get lucky this time.