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Nov 20, 2018 at 12:57 PM

Cannot see Device Type in WebIDE


Hi all,

I have recently follow instruction on SAP Help (SAP IoT Application Enablement: Quick Start :

to configure SAP IoT Application Enablement (on Cloud Foundry) and SAP Web IDE Full Stack (on Neo).
However, after configuring everything, I'm not able to see the Device Type I created in the Thing Modeler.

Here's the Package (computeriotdevice) I configure in my IoT AE. Scope = Tenant

Here's the Thing Type generice_computer_3 I configure in my IoT AE
I found in the trial IoT AE, connectivity has been configured to connect to CF IoT Service.
I also have an IoT Service instance running on my Cloud Foundry environment with device, capabilities, etc.
But I don't have how to configure in IoT AE accordingly.

Here's the result in creating Freestyle IoT Project in Web IDE (Neo)
I can't find generic_computer_3

Any advice? Thank you


sap-help.jpg (499.5 kB)
my-thing-type.jpg (291.7 kB)
my-package.jpg (244.6 kB)
web-ide-1.jpg (80.8 kB)