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Jan 05, 2010 at 11:46 AM



Hello friends,

I am facing the following issue in SCM APO.

Through Tcode /sapapo/rrp3, I am trying to convert SNP Planned Order into a PPDS planned order.

Now what happens is once I click the "Convert SNP Orderts to PPDS Orders" button, the orders are getting converted to a PPDS planned order.

Also as per process the PPDS planned order which gets created should have components same as that of the PPDS PPM to which it refers.

Initially (before hitting the save button in /sapapo/rrp3) the components of the newly created PPDS planned order are proper and as per the PPDS PPM.

Once I press the save button in Tcode /sapapo/rrp3, the PPDS planned Orders data is sent to R3 vis the CIF and also some data is returned back from R3 to APO which is the Planned Order number.

Now while the data is returned back from R3 to APO, the components of the PPM are changed and not in sync with that of the PPDS PPM in APO.

I beleive that I need to debug the CIF exits (when data is flowing from R3 to APO) Correct me if I am wrong

Can anyone please suggest me how to debug this CIF while the data is flowing from R3 to APO.

Thanks and regards