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Nov 19, 2018 at 05:08 PM

Migration approach for customers partner functions (KNVP) for a S/4 HANA Business Partner


Hi there,

I am wondering how to migrate the partner functions of a Business Partner in S/4 HANA.

Typically, there are 4 major partner functions for a customer in SAP ECC:

  • SP – Sold-to Party
  • SH – Ship-to Party
  • PY – Payer
  • BP – Bill-to Party

I think by default the customer himself has these functions by default (at least is that way in SAP ECC):

Customer: 4711 NESTLE

SP – Sold-to Party 4711 NESTLE
SH – Ship-to Party 4711 NESTLE
PY – Payer 4711 NESTLE
BP – Bill-to Party 4711 NESTLE

Coming to my question:

How can I migrate with BAPI or Idoc (does not matter) partner fuctions that are assigned to another BP?


Customer: 4711NESTLE

SP – Sold-to Party 4711NESTLE

SH – Ship-to Party 3333ADIDAS

PY – Payer 2221NIKE

BP – Bill-to Party 4711NESTLE

If I create now for example in the data migraton the BP 4711 (NESTLE) that has assigned partner functions to another BP (here 3333 and 2221) then I must ensure that the other BPs already exist in the system, right?

Now, I cannot sort and filter my 15.000 BPs in that way that the sequence of posting ensures that all BP assigned as partners functions have been first created than others (here: create first 3333 and 2222 then 4711).

Someone told me that there is a functionality in S/4 HANA that I can create partner functions assigned to BPs, that still not exist. There must be a migration approach. Otherwise I have to create all customers first in the 4 partner functions assigned to themselves and then make an update on all customers that assign (part of) their partner functions to other BPs. (please help me to avoid this!!).

Hope someone knows the best approach. Thanks so much!