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Payscale Type and Level Issue

Nov 24, 2016 at 07:46 AM


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Dear People,

Am facing the below mentioned issue while creating/maintaining IT0008. The issue pops up while entering payscale group and level.

"No entry in table T510 for the key 4031G31ADMNOFFR01 on 05.02.1995"

I can clearly see these entries in T510 with start date as 01.01.1990 (for MOLGA 40, Type 31, Area G3, Group ADMNOFFR, level 01) yet the issue is popping up.

Surprisingly - The issue is only with production system. I tested multiple scenarios in test system and the results are fine. am also pretty sure tht I have moved all the transports to production.

There is "1" in-between G3 and ADMNOFFR which I suppose is CAP grouping. In my case that should be "3", Which I can see in V_T7INA3, Yet I dont know from where the system is picking it as 1.

I know this is a basic question yet it is creating loads of hurdles as i can see all is in place accept tht 1.

Please let me know if am missing with anything here?


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Waiting for replies please.


In table view V_T510, the documentation on zone TRFKZ indicates that 1 is for "Industrial workers/hourly wages" while 3 is for "Salaried employees".

If, according to table view V_503_B the employee should be in CAP Grouping 3, then the entry in V_T510 should be corrected.

P.S. : Please note that not everyone is in the same Time Zone, and most people answer queries on their own time. Don't always expect quick answers.

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Rémi Corriveau

Thanks Remi,

Actually I resolved the query by comparing V_503_ALL in TEST and PROD system. The issue was in grouping.


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