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Can't patch upgrade MaxDB after initial error with SUPERDBA password corrected


I had an initial issue with my SUPERDBA password and load_systab during a patch upgrade which I corrected.

When I try repeating the patch upgrade again after correcting the issue above it completes without an error but does not actually upgrade to the new patch release.

maxdb-server-linux-64bit-x86_64-7_9_09_10 # ./SDBUPD -d SDB -u control,<password>

SAP MaxDB Installation Manager - Database Upgrade

Checking upgrade...
Running finalize check...
Current database state is ADMIN
Switching database state to OFFLINE
Checking parameters...
Switching database state to ADMIN
Switching database state to ONLINE
Loading system tables...
Checking catalog...
Upgrade done
dbmcli on SDB>dbm_version
VERSION    = 7.9.09
BUILD      = DBMServer 7.9.09   Build 005-123-259-005
OS         = UNIX
INSTROOT   = /sapdb/SDB/db
LOGON      = True
CODE       = UTF8
SWAP       = full
SYSNAME    = Linux 3.0.101-108.81-default #1 SMP Fri Nov 2 18:02:20 UTC 2018 (2208a0f)
REPLYTREATMENT = none,zlib,auto
IPC_LOCATION = /var/lib/sdb/dbm/ipc
/sapdb/programs/bin # ./sdbverify
Checking installation "Global" (/sapdb/programs,
Checking package Installer
Checking package SAP Utilities Compatibility
Checking package Global Listener
Checking package Installation Compatibility
Checking installation "Legacy" (/sapdb/programs, )
Checking installation "SDB" (/sapdb/SDB/db,
Checking package Base
Checking package SQLDBC
Checking package SQLDBC 77
Checking package Fastload API
Checking package SQLDBC 76
Checking package SAP Utilities
Checking package Server Utilities
Checking package Database Kernel
Checking package Redist Python
Checking package Loader
Checking package ODBC
Checking package Messages
Checking package JDBC
Checking package DB Analyzer
Successfully done
sapdb/programs/bin # ./sdbregview -l
Installation: Global    /sapdb/programs
Global Listener          valid    64 bit
Installation Compatibility    valid    64 bit
Installer                valid
SAP Utilities Compatibility    valid    64 bit

Installation: SDB    /sapdb/SDB/db
Base            valid    64 bit
DB Analyzer      valid    64 bit
Database Kernel      valid    64 bit
Fastload API      valid    64 bit
JDBC            valid
Loader          valid    64 bit
Messages            MSG 0.10302    valid
ODBC            valid    64 bit
Redist Python      valid    64 bit
SAP Utilities      valid    64 bit
SQLDBC          valid    64 bit
SQLDBC 76       valid    64 bit
SQLDBC 77       valid    64 bit
Server Utilities      valid    64 bit

This system is our Content Server 650 database.

How to proceed and correctly upgrade to latest MaxDB patch release ?


Regards, Nelis

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