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Nov 19, 2018 at 05:16 AM

List of users in OTC process



I am fairly new to SAP. I want to pull out several OTC-related reports by userID. Taking the typical OTC process:

1. Create sales order

2. Release billing block

3. Create outbound delivery

4. Generate invoice

5. Apply payment

I want to pull a report of all sales orders, with userID; report of released sales orders by userID that released them; report of outbound deliveries by userID that created them, report of invoices generated by userID and payment application by userID.

So far, only the list of sales orders (VA05N) gives me a "Created" column which is the userID that created the document but other reports such as the outbound delivery monitor (VL06O) do not contain the userID. If anyone is aware of specific reports for the five process activities I have listed above, that contains the userID; or if there is a way I can include the UserID column on other reports, please share.

Also, please share transaction codes that can help me generate reports of all "Released billing blocks", "Generated invoices", "Incoming payments received" and "Credit memos issued".

Any help would be appreciated.