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Jan 04, 2010 at 06:28 AM

double entry in obyc



I would like to seek verification of my understanding on obyc.

1) some transaction like GBB (offsetting) , FR1 (freight clearing), WRX(gr/ir clearing) are the other entry of the double entry for say BSX? example

Debit - Inventory account - BSX ( Transaction key)

Credit - GR/IR account - WRX


Credit - Inventory account - BSX

Debit- Offsetting Consumption account - GBB - VBR.

so can i say GBB, FR1 or WRX is the 1 side of the double entry?

2) may i know what other transaction are also serving as 1 side of the double entry in obyc? transaction like PRD is not as only when got price difference only will post to this.