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Jan 04, 2010 at 02:37 AM

pricing by POD date


In our company, we have agreement with customer that the price of a sales order item should be determined by the POD date of each delivery. That means, we can not fix the price in sales order creation. Instead, after we maintain POD in out bound delivery, we need to price it. In that way, a sales order item may have several selling prices due to there may be multiple deliveries for it.

Is it possible to configurate SAP to support this pricing rule? We want when creating invoice with VF01, we can get the unit prices determined at the POD creation.

For example:

We sell material AXX1 to customer Cust1. The quotation of AXX1 is:

2009-12-01~2009-12-31 $1000

2010-01-01~2010-01-31 $900.

We created a sales order on 2009-12-15 to sell 50 pc of AXX1 to Cust1.

We delivered the first shipment of 15 pc to Cust1 at 2009-12-20 with outbound delivery 9001. And it was received on 2009-12-30. So, we expect when creating invoice for outbound delivery 9001 the system can propose the billing price as $1000*15.

And the second shipment of 20 pc was delivered on 2009-12-30 with outbound delivery 9002. It was received by customer on 2010-1-3. We expect the billing price should be $900*20.