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Nov 15, 2018 at 10:55 AM

HANA Express: How to debug a SQLScript procedure when called through UI5 module/nodejs module



I currently try to debug a SQLScript procedure when the procedure is called from the UI through a nodejs module.

I the debugger attach options options there is the option "Connection with following attributs" and the values

  • "HANA database user name"
  • "Application user name"

I assume the "HANA database user name" is the user from the environment of the node module:

xs env <node module name>:

"hana" : [ {
      "name" : "XSA_DEV-kifpjs1yx3zmy7s9-xccelo-hdi-container",
      "label" : "hana",
      "tags" : [ "hana", "database", "relational" ],
      "plan" : "hdi-shared",
      "credentials" : {
        "schema" : ".......",
        "hdi_password" : "........",
        "password" : "..........",
        "driver" : "",
        "port" : "39013",
        "host" : "hxehost",
        "db_hosts" : [ {
          "port" : 39013,
          "host" : "hxehost"
        } ],
        "hdi_user" : "XCCELO_1_C4GGEY9MYHE64ZZTYOHJYE1W5_DT",
        "user" : "XCCELO_1_D0JHPO5OLKLVNC323YG43GWBZ_RT",
        "url" : "jdbc:sap://hxehost:39013/?currentschema=XCCELO_1"
    } ],


And the "Application user name" is the name of the user which is loggged on to the UI (in my case XSA_DEV).

When I try this options I get the error:

An error occurred when setting the user name: Error in attaching external session: 55 - you are not authorized to attach to a connection that belongs to this HANA user

Is my assumption for the "HANA database user name" right?

What HANA authorizations have to be assigned to which user ?

Where can I assign this authorizations ?

Which user should I use to assign the authorizations ?




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