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Nov 14, 2018 at 11:45 PM

Exchange Rebate Agreements CRM - ECC not posting Rebare Agreement in ECC

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Dear TPM Experts,

I am currently working on the integration of TPM with ECC, when I release my TPM, all the actions within CRM are executed, also the creation of the rebate according to my opinion, but when I see the creation of the agreement in ECC in transaction VBO2 I can not find it anymore. I have reviewed the following link and everything seems OK. When checking in the Tx. SLG1 in CRM I see the following screen:

I Checked in the Tx. SMW01 and Bdoc ended correctly with the exception that in two Bdoc's sends the following message



In addition to reprocessing the Bdoc nothing happens, I have already reviewed the queue in both CRM and ECC.

Run the adapters:





I already reviewed the tables CND_MAPM_CNV_AGM and CND_MAPM_CNV_REC in CRM and the new Rebate Agreements are not created. But in CRM web I see the number related to the TPM.

I have already compared the configuration between production that is where it currently works well and quality that is where we are developing the project.

If you have any suggestions that could be affecting this, you could support me commenting the post or sending the steps to the email

Regards Experts


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