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Former Member
Dec 31, 2009 at 07:09 AM

AUC legacy assets uploading through AS91 transaction code with TT- 900



  1. I am uploading the AUC Legacy assets through AS91 transaction code.

  2. In AS91 - I need to select Transactions option & should enter the transaction type 900 to give the Legacy AUC valules.

  3. When i give the Transactioon type 900 for AUC assets load in AS91, the system is giving the Asset Value Data as 01/04/2009.

  4. But the Asset Data takeover date given in the system was 31/03/2009. But why the system is taking 01/04/2009 (This is Fiscal year starting date for Country India).

#Now my problem is i should get the *Asset value Date -31/03/2009 but not 01/04/2009.

Kindly advise me how to change this asset value date to 31/03/2009 from 01/04/2009? It would be a great help for me if any one can help me or provide me some inputs...