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Dec 30, 2009 at 02:51 PM

Simple Object (Advanced) Search WebUI



i want to create a WebUI component build on a Simple Object I've created. The Simple Object has a Queryobject, but it seems that it is not possible to create a Dynamic Query Object for it.

So as soon as I want to use the Model to create an Advanced Search Page I get the Error Message:

Cannot display view BSP_DLC_CONF/AdvSearchConfig of UI Component BSP_DLC_CONF

An exception has occurred Exception Class CX_CRM_UNSUPPORTED_OBJECT - Object ZLOV_OFFCODE_QRY is not (yet) supported


Source Text Row: 10

My Questions:

- Does anyone know a way to create an advanced search page for a simple object? (eg. set the missing attibute options somewhere?)

If that's not possible:

- Is there any standard tutorial, documentation or blog that describes how to create a searchpage for simple objects?

Thanks for any help!