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Dec 30, 2009 at 02:47 PM

SAP MDM API 7.1, Region Codes


Using the command GetRepositoryRegionListCommand, I am able to see the following region details from our MDM Repository.

Locale	Region Code	Name
en_US	engUSA		English [US]	
en_GB	eng___		English [GB]	
nl_NL	nld___		Dutch [NL]	
fr_FR	fre___		French [FR]	
de_DE	ger___		German [DE]	
it_IT	ita___		Italian [IT]	
es_ES	spa___		Spanish [ES]	
zh_CN	chi___		Chinese [CN]	
ja_JP	jpn___		Japanese [JP]	
no_NO	nor___		Norwegian [NO]	
pl_PL	pol___		Polish [PL]	
pt_PT	por___		Portuguese [PT]	
ru_RU	rus___		Russian [RU]

When establishing a UserSession, the only region code that appears to work is 'engUSA'. Has anyone else had success using regions other than 'engUSA'?

MDM_REGION_PROPERTIES.setName("English [US]");
MDM_REGION_PROPERTIES.setRegionCode("engUSA");  // error when not 'engUSA'