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Nov 16, 2018 at 02:18 PM

SAP Lumira (Discovery) - Acquiring GPS numeric data from EXCEL


We have recently updated a workstation to SAP LUMIRA (Discovery) - and have an EXCEL based data-source that includes columns for LONG & LAT data with the Long-Decimal Number Format.

When the EXCEL is Acquired into Lumira (Discovery) – the number Auto-Crops to a 2-Digit-Decimal number format…

…have looked everywhere in the Data connection and the Data-View formatting, but can’t find anywhere to increase the number of Decimals.

Wondering if anyone knows a FIX for this issue..?

We can’t MAP the data using the ESRI plug-ins if we can’t extend the Decimal number-formatting in SAP Lumira (Discovery).

Thanks in Advance,