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Nov 16, 2018 at 02:02 PM

CORZ - Process Order Time event confirmation issue


Dear Experts,

In our design, we having issue in transaction CORZ - time event confirmation

Issue 1 : System accept the same personal ID enables two start of processing events and can’t be closed again. We want system shouldn’t permit to start 2-time events with the same key and The system should provide an error message.


Issue 2 : Two events have been started with different personal ID. 2nd event will be confirmed with finished processing without partly finishing the first event. We want the system should either close automatically all open processing events or provide a error message that open processing exists.

Is there any standard configuration to avoid this issue or any other solutions to implement.

Is there any business functions need to activate this functionality.

Please help.

Thanks & Regards,



corz-issue-1.jpg (37.8 kB)