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Nov 15, 2018 at 10:30 AM

Design Studio/Lumira as a Dashboard


Has anyone sucessfully created a Live dashboard using Design Studio/Lumira Designer?

I have created quite a few that seem to work fine, i use the Datsource.ReloadData() method attached to a time component to trigger the refresh of the data. These seem to have worked fine but i have one dashboard i have created which seems to run into issues.

It has about 7 data sources, some are updated in BW every 30 minutes, others during a nightly load. In this dasboard i am utilising the Scorecard component which i havent used in my other projects. The data is refreshed in the Dashboard every 5 minutes.

The dashboard is left on 24/7 although the TV is turned off nightly, The dashboard does not show any errors in regards to reloading the data.

One of the scorecards mainly returns incorrect data, sometimes the other scorecards do it but its mainly this one, it doubles the data up. I have added a secret menu that shows when i am logged in so not to ruin the asthetics of the application, within this i have added an option to Reload that specific datasource and create a popup showing the data in a Crosstab. Using this feature the Datasource reloads and then popup appears and the data in the table is also incorrect.

I cannot figure out why this is happening and was wondering if anybody else has had similar issues?

I have now put a script in to look at the last refresh time and work out if its after 11Pm, if it is then stop the timer component and start a new one to kcik off the refreshing of the data in 7 hours in case its a problem with teh data loading overnight in BW, the one scorecard thats problematic is using data that is loaded Nightly.