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Former Member
Dec 29, 2009 at 07:03 AM

Screen refresh after error message


Hi experts,

I have a problem with refreshing the screen when an error message is returned.

For example, ticking checkbox A will disable inputfield B to read only, and vice versa.

In the mean time, I have inputfield C which is a NUMC field.

The problem lies with the following process:

1. Incorrectly entered inputfield C with alphabets instead of numbers.

2. Tick checkbox A (this will trigger onToggle)

3. Error is returned that inputfield C is only numeric.

4. Inputfield B is not disabled due to the error message returned.

Now we have a vulnerability where inputfield B can be entered with values even though checkbox A is ticked, which violates my requirement.

I need to disable inputfield B even when the error message is returned.

Please advise on how I can solve this. Thank you very much!