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Dec 29, 2009 at 06:23 AM

can we get the item data in smart form


i have a header table with 3 records and item with 10 records.. i am passing both of them to the function module ( fm_name) and then in the smartform i have to get 3 pages output. but right now i am getting only one page..

to display the header data i am using secondary windows and for displaying the item data i am using tables node in the main window ( in the data tab of the tables node i am giving it as loop it_item1 into wa_item1 ). before the header row of that table node i have created a table node and in that i am prearing the item table

describe table i_hdr line h_lines.

if h_idx LE h_lines.

READ TABLE i_hdr into wa_hdr index h_idx.

if sy-subrc eq o.

loop at it_item into wa_item where belnr = wa_item-belnr.

move wa_item to wa_item1.

append wa_item1 to i_item1.

clear wa_item1.



this is what i am doing it right now.. and at the last row in the footer of table node i have created a command node and in that i have selected the option go to page : first page.

please correct me if my approach is wrong


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