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Nov 15, 2018 at 08:45 AM

Failed to call function RSDRI_INFOPROV_READOTHERS during copymove

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Hi Experts,

I faced an error when I triggered the COPYMOVE data manager package. I am just trying to copy and move data from one category to another. Following is the screen shot of the error:

I have tried to search around and found a note on this - 2025231. I have applied what is mentioned in the note but the same error is still there. I have done some investigation. The issue happened when I tried to copy move certain records. Not all records are impacted. Further check on the data of the model in RSA1, I found that there are records with up to 14 digits of amount. Our model is configured with normal key figure that supports up to 13 digits before a decimal point. I test to copy move these records and the error happened.

I tried to view the records using UJO_SQE_TEST and I got the "Error when calling SQE API" error message. The data could not be displayed. Viewing other records with smaller amount would be ok.

From the checking done above, I think the issue happened when the data is aggregated and causes overflowing. In order to solve this, I would need to change the key figure of the model to large. I understand that once the key figure is changed to large, we could not change it back. So before I proceed with that, I would like to see if anyone face this problem before and is there any alternative way to solve this issue? Appreciate your advise on this.

Thank you.


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