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Dec 28, 2009 at 05:52 PM

Required field error



I have two very basic queries:

1) I created a simple non-mvc based bsp application wherein I marked few input fields mandatory by setting required property to true. On submitting the page it used to give me error incase I have left any required fields blank of its own, but after I created the entire application now the error has disappeared and it is allowing me to post the data from the page even if the mandatory fields are left blank. Kindly guide so as to what changes I could have done that the error has disappeared or how can I get it now.

2) When I am doing any server side validation based on the user input I want to show some values calculated at runtime as a javascript alert but unable to pass the value to javascript.

Please help.. any 1-2 liner code would help a lot..

Saurabh Tripathi