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Dec 28, 2009 at 05:24 PM

Keyfigure value getting aggregated


I have a formula in my query which goes like this:

(Date1 - Date2) / No. Of Units

Date1 is a constant value. Im good with Date1(as a keyfigure) and No. Of Units, but not Date2 (as a keyfigure).

I have the data at summary level and which is aggregating Date2 value and which is messing up my calculations.

If I drilldown at each transaction level, date2 is good and my calculation is good. But my report needs to show data

at summary level.

Eg of data at Summary level:

Sales Org Mat Group Date2

S1 MG1 X

S2 MG2 X

Data at detailed transaction level:

Sales Org Mat Group Mat No Date2

S1 MG1 M001 01/01/2008

S1 MG1 M002 02/02/2008

S2 MG2 M003 03/09/2008

S2 MG2 M005 08/07/2008

So when I have data at summary level, Date2 is shown up as X, but when drilldown at transaction level its showing up

the correct values and my formula works fine. How to get rid of this formula mess at summary data level?

Im in Bi7 version.