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Dec 28, 2009 at 12:23 PM

CIN - Capital Purchase


Dear All,

We are using CIN with TAXINJ procedure.

We have process wherein we place POs for capital items with Accnt Assignmnet Category as A - Asset and without material code. We just enters text of the capital item, and no material code is there for assets.

At account assignmnt we maintain AUC number.

I have maiontained BLANK chapter ID and excise percentage is maintained in J1ID against this BLANK chapter ID.

Is this correct process to follow for purchase of capital items with excise ?

If Yes, What settings to be done in J!ID to capture the excise invoice, as I can not see the excise calculations at invoice tab in PO by doing above settings in J1ID.

If not, then what is common procdure followd at industries for above scnario. Is it by material code for asset ?