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Dec 28, 2009 at 03:39 AM

Acces via null object is not possible in Badi FTR_CUSTOMER Extent



I've create implementation for Badi FTR_CUSTOMER extent to add extra tab in order to insert additional input parameter. The input parameter that i need to add is PO number. Below is the step that i've done.

1. Append customised structure to table VTBFHA that consist of PO Number and activate the structure.

2. Create program and sub screen for input parameter and attach that parameter in Badi FTR_CUSTOMER_EXTENT.

3. In PBO of sucscreen, i've add coding as below

  • try to get append data from VTBFHA

CALL METHOD g_proxy_cust_data->get_cust_data

IMPORTING pe_tab_fha_appends = g_tab_fha_appends

exceptions others = 4.

4. Activate the coding with no error

But when i run t-code FTR_EDIT and go to newly added tab, i've got short dump with Access via 'NULL' object reference not possible.

Kindly advice where is the step that i've missing.

PS : i've declare data as follows

  • References to TRTM objects


g_proxy_transaction TYPE REF TO if_open_trtm_proxy_deal_data,

g_proxy_cust_data TYPE REF TO if_open_trtm_customer_data,

g_proxy_messages TYPE REF TO if_open_trtm_proxy_message,

g_proxy_fcode TYPE REF TO if_open_trtm_proxy_fcode,

g_proxy_fmod TYPE REF TO if_open_trtm_proxy_fmod.