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Nov 14, 2018 at 01:50 PM

Available CDS Annotations depending on Netweaver Version


I'm currently learning about CDS using the book "Core Data Services für ABAP" from SAP Press. The examples in the book are using SAP Netweaver 7.52. I've installed ABAP Development Tools for Eclipse (Oxygen) (freshly updated today).

Current i'm trying to build the transaction example from chapter 8. However the Annotation "@ObjectModel.createEnabled:true" is highlighted in red (which i thinks means the annotation is not available with my netweaver release. However i'm not sure on which version of Netweaver we are. The Eclipse project properties show "Kernel: Release: 753, Patch Level: 300, Compilation Date: Linux GNU SLES-11 x86_64 cc4.8.5 use-pr181009 Oct 9 2018 21:18:46, Kind: opt"

Where can i check on which ABAP Netweaver Version we are and is there an Overview of all the CDS annotations and in which version of ABAP Netweaver they are introduced.