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Dec 25, 2009 at 08:19 AM

Balance in document currency is not zero,posting not possible.


Hi Guru;s

I am facing this issue while performing invoicing via transaction code EA19.

It says Balance in document currency is not zero,posting not possible.Invoicing of invoicing unit ( account xxxxxxxxxx) terminated.After debugging t we found that there is some difference in data/amount getting posted to table DFKKOP (Internal table I_FKKOP) and DFKKOPK (Internal Table I_FKKOPK).

In Perform SALDO_PRUEFEN(Include LFKB0FS0), check for difference.It should be zero.

Guru's please advice what is the issue and whats the possible solution.

I will replicate the error message once again for you :-

Balance in Document currency is not zero, posting not possible

Message no. >0003


You are attempting to post a document for which the balance is not zero in one or more currency.

System Response

During online processing:

Error message requiring a correction.

During background processing:

Error message causing processing to be terminated.


When working online:

Correct the line items entered. If the amounts entered balance to zero, and this error message still appears, there is a program error. In this case, treat the error as if it occurred during a background processing.

Background processing

Contact your system administrator.

Procedure for System Administration

If the program error occurred in an

SAP standard program, enter a problem message

Own program, correct the program


Archit Shukla