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Dec 24, 2009 at 07:47 AM

Paasing values to workflow container


Dear Experts,

In my scenario Employee fills a webdynpro java in portal. I trigger the workflow on action submit of form. First step is Manager of employee. He can approve, reject or send back. I have put a loop that till sendback is yes the process should repeat. In case of send back employee chages the form details and clicks submit. Now I want to send the newly entered values for Manager's user decision step.

If i use sap_wapi_write_container and write employee changes to wf container using workitem id of employee task I am not able to read it back as I complete employee's workitem each time using sap_wapi_workitem_complete. So if I use sap_wapi_read_container FM i only get the values initially entered by employee and not the corrected ones. (as the workitem is set to status completed).

I am not supposed to use ztables. Please tell me how I can send the newly entered employee values from portal back to Approver in workflow.