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Dec 24, 2009 at 05:56 AM

Suggestions for optimal solution to load application with dynaminc view


Hi Experts,

I have a Web service which is providing me data from database as well as data which will help to create UI of the view.

In my view i have to ceate tabs in a tabstrip. Number of tabs are dynamic depending on data from web service. In each tab i have to create tables with dynamic columns and some additional text views and edits. Now, tabs and columns of tables, coming from web service are in random order and i need to sort the tabs and tables depending on values filled in a database table. this database table is like a configuration table.

Creating view in a random order is done and for createing a sorted view i am planning to go with "bucket sort". Now my question here is as every thing is dynamic it will take lot of time for aplication to load which is not desired.

I need your expert suggestions on how can i reduce the time view takes to Load entire application.