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Nov 11, 2018 at 07:57 AM

TCP/IP RFC Registered program error



Recently we have done system copy, after system copy TCP/IP with external Registered program is not working. while testing the connection it is pointing to source Hostname.

RFC connection test log:

Logon Connection Error

Error DetailsError when opening an RFC connection (CPIC-CALL: 'ThSAPOCMINIT', communication r

Error DetailsERROR: internal error

Error DetailsLOCATION: SAP-Server <targethostname_ECQ_00 on host <Target Hostname> (wp 5)

Error DetailsDETAIL: NiPGetHostByName: '<Source SAP Hostname>' not found

Error DetailsCALL: getaddrinfo

Error DetailsCOMPONENT: NI (network interface)

Error DetailsCOUNTER: 46

Error DetailsERROR NUMBER: -3

Error DetailsERROR TEXT: (-3) - illegal errno

Error DetailsMODULE: /bas/753_REL/src/base/ni/niuxi.c

Error DetailsLINE: 1782

Error DetailsRETURN CODE: -1

Error DetailsSUBRC: 0

Error DetailsRELEASE: 753

Error DetailsTIME: Sun Nov 11 12:45:33 2018

Error DetailsVERSION: 40