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Nov 09, 2018 at 05:26 PM

How to link Old and New Account ID of same customer in SAP


Hi All,

Is it possible to link an existing SAP account to a new SAP account if it is for the same customer? We are having to create some new accounts as some of our SAP customer accounts have been recycled to be used for all agents that we work with. The issue is when we create a new account for the customer, we remove the agent ID which links the sap account with the agent ID however, when doing this, any sales posted in the old account cannot be identified.

We need a way to link both the old account and the new accounts together so we can monitor and keep track of all sales made on the old account and link this to the new account?

Or the other option will be if we can transfer the sales over to the new account?

Your help with this is much appreciated.