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Avoid confirmation in STO

Dear, all,

I am facing a new custom requirement.

After a STO was checked ATP (we are having both R/3 ATP and APO gATP active) system should automatically check if the confirmation date is in 'range' based on customizing settings.

E.g. STO is requested for 20.11.2018 and confirmed to 07.01.2019 system should recognize, based on the customizing, that the date difference is to high and therefore should not confirm the STO for this moment. Based on a zTable and manual functions someone, who has authority, should then be able to confirm it manually if the planning was done better or could not be done better.

For sales order I already have got the technically concept fixed and possible to solve, but for STOs my knowledge about userexits, etc. is low.

Therefore my question:

Can anyone tell me a possibillity to retrigger ATP check in STO during saving/ posting, etc.? I know the userexits in which I can go, but I don't know how to retrigger the ATP check in a STO.

Other possibility would be to have a userexits directly after ATP check in which I can decide (after checking the customizing) if I either want to accept the confirmation or not. Independent on what the end user has accepted manually in atp screen.

Hope I could explain my question understandable and looking forward to suggestions!

Thanks and best regards,


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