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Nov 23, 2016 at 06:25 PM


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Hello all,

Calling for some experience on SAP CRM- SAP TM integration. We want to replicate the Business Partner from CRM to TM via ALE/IDOC interface (w/o PI).

We have found the Basic IDOC type BUPA_INBOUND_MAIN_SAVE_M01 (message type BUPA_INBOUND_MAIN_SAVE_M) in both SAP modules.

Can someone confirm if this kind of integration has already been used and if it worked with standard customizing only?

Else, what was the interface pattern used between SAP CRM and SAP TM to send Business Partner?

Thanks a lot!


[Update] We've got SAP confirmation that there's no standard MW existing for BP Masterdata replication from CRM to TM. Standard process is through CIF from ECC SD/MM. Note that we will go for specific enhanced ALE integration from CRM to TM with common std idoc type for BP and relationships.

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2 Answers

Kapil Patil Nov 28, 2016 at 11:10 AM

Hello Anaïs,

Just curious, why are you using IDOC to transfer BP data from SAP CRM to SAP TM?

Have you explored possibility of using standard SAP CRM middleware integration to transfer BP from CRM to SAP TM?


Kapil Patil

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Hello Kapil,

We've tried to do a POC with the middleware and have defined SAP TM as an external NW-based Site in SAP CRM (adapting the SAP guide for Quotation to Agreement configuration in SAP CRM and SAP TM) but we cannot add the Business Partner or Relationship objects as subscriptions in SMOEAC.

Do you have any kind of information to share about that? We are open to all kind of interface pattern which would require configuration only. What would you recomend from below listed options?

Thank you a lot!


Current options are

  • 1)PI in the middle to map an outbound std idoc CRMXIF_PARTNER_SAVE from CRM with an inbound std idoc BUPA_INBOUND_MAIN_SAVE in TM. Same pattern for BP relationships.
  • 2)Middleware via subscription for Business Partner, BP Role and BP Relationship. We have raised an incident to SAP because we did not manage to add a subscription for BP for the TM site we’ve created in CRM (External NW Based System). FYI, we are using the middleware between CRM and ECC for business Partner.
  • 3)ALE interface based on the same idoc type BUPA_INBOUND_MAIN_SAVE in CRM and TM. The standard configuration in SAP CRM allows to create the idoc type CRMXIF_PARTNER_SAVE from the generated bdoc for a busines partner. As this idoc type is not available in SAP TM; two options are possible, recreate the idoc type in SAP TM (78 segments, more than 100 data elements) or have a specific enhancement in SAP CRM to generate the common idoc type BUPA_INBOUND_MAIN_SAVE.

Personally i have not worked on SAP TM, but thinking logically SAP CRM ideally integrate with SAP TM.

I have got below links, might be helpful.


Data transfer using IDOC is also a possibility, may also require some customer development.




Unfortunately we've already checked the links you've shared. The information is not concluding and the MW not working :(

Actually, the O2A integration setup is the one we've used for option 1 but it is not working as explained above.

Thanks though for your feedback!


Thomas Steger
Jan 03, 2017 at 01:26 PM

Dear Anaïs,

we have provided you the answer to this issue within a support ticket. So I think we can close this thread now, right?

Best regards


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