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Former Member
Dec 22, 2009 at 09:22 AM

Field Becomes grayed after some lines in ALV


Hi All,

My question is:

I have prepared a ALV output with some fields editable (means i have handle the style and layout at cell level)

ALV is in the docking container

ALV comes in the 50% of the screen area.

Now, I am trying to change the data by entering some values in the editable cells and then press enter

Good part is:

Upto some certain rows, i am able to change the data in the ALV and no unusual behavior found regarding style and layout

Bad is:

When i am trying to enter the data in editable cell (Say this is row 30) after some lines and press enter then correspoding row cell becomes grayed (Which generally should not be).

if i again repeat the same action for next line (Say this is row 31) then results becomes similar for line 31 as for line 30 but at the same time LINE 30 becomes fine.

Note: Technically, data change method is implemented correctly. No style has been changed during this action.

Thanks in advance