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Former Member
Dec 22, 2009 at 07:40 AM

SMD Setup for MDM


Hello Gurus,

While configuring SMD setup for MDM system, i am getting following error, for MDIS and MDSS

[Wilyhost Agent] Failed to configure EP Agent for (MDM Host)

My MDM system is not an EP system, strainge how am i getting this error related to EP.

Also in the Local SMD Agent Application log on MDM Host getting the error

[Thread[Thread-14,5,main]] Warning - run(): Action SAPOsCol not running because status is PERMANENT_ERROR

[Thread[Thread-23,5,main]] Warning - launchDaemon(): launchDaemon: saposcol exited with -1

[Thread[ExecutionRunner_4,5,ExecMgrThreadGroup]] Warning - readOutput: Error output: prtdiag can only be run in the global zone

Need the help...please....